Time management

Doing It All

Clearly, there's a problem in Lyssa Land. More than one, in fact. But the most pressing one seems to be figuring out how to manage all of the things that need to get done while at the same time promote and grow my business. On my plate for just this week: I've got to...

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The Plan Goes Awry

So I had this great idea. Not going to lie, I was drinking. But you can't just dismiss a great idea because the source is hazy, now can you? I mean, you have to give it a chance right? Here goes then. The idea is/was/might have been sorta like this; how about I blog...

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Time Management 101

Drop off child, go to the grocery store, take the dog to the vet, get drugs for the other dog, where the fuck is the cat, laundry, what color are the floors really supposed to be anyway, laundry, hit the post office, don't forget the bank - oh hell, or to pick up the...

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