Clearly, there’s a problem in Lyssa Land. More than one, in fact. But the most pressing one seems to be figuring out how to manage all of the things that need to get done while at the same time promote and grow my business.

On my plate for just this week: I’ve got to do a side gig appearance that will take me out of the house for an entire day. It includes driving to goddamned, freaking Houston in a car with no A/C during June. It’s 51 miles from my door to the door of the side gig. It takes 2 hours minimum each way. Because fucking Houston.

I’m going to Vegas for a voiceover conference on Friday so I’ve got to get ready for that. And I’ve got a second round of the side gig to do the day after I get back from the conference. So I’ll have to prepare for that too.

My husband has, in his typical moment of panic, invited my in-laws down to visit so that he will have back up for the days when I’m not here. This is very helpful for him. Not so much for me. Because now, I have to have the house presentable for in-law visit in addition to gigging, packing and growing my business.

And, of course, there’s the housework. I can give some of the housework things to my husband to do although that comes with a time price too as I have to explain many of the housework details to him. He has a learning disability that prevents him from folding towels correctly. It’s very sad and there does not appear to be any successful treatment available. Trust me, I’ve tried everything.

Don’t think he can take over laundry. He hasn’t been allowed to laundry unsupervised since the Sweater Incident of 1996. So I’m probably still stuck with that. For the record, I do laundry every single fucking day. In fact, this morning I started my first load of laundry at 6 am. Why do I do so much laundry? Because I have a husband and a son and they both change clothes roughly 14 times a day. And use a lot of towels. Towels that no one else can fold properly.

My husband can help with the feeding the family part if I give him very specific instructions. I can give him a list of things to buy. I’ll still be doing the cooking unless the list features sausage. My husband is a specialty chef. His culinary strengths lie in the “sausage and things with sausage in them” arena. He can also cook the hell out of a frozen pizza. It’s a gift.

I’m going to have to risk him feeding the entire family while I’m in Vegas. The last time I was away, I called home to check and asked my son what he had for dinner. My son – who is four – said, “Pickles.” My husband piped up with, “And olives!” so I would know that it was a balanced meal. It is a good thing that my in-laws will be here because they know how to eat.

But no worries, I’ll be in Vegas. With my bestie. And we will eat dinners that include much, much more than pickles and olives. Since it’s a voice actor conference, I’ll be able to do auditions and smaller voice jobs while I’m there. Three cheers for World Voices and WoVoCon for having booth space on site.

Might even be able to do a little marketing while I’m at the conference. Should be able to record a new imaging demo as well. So that’s going to be a productive weekend. With drinking. And when I get back, it will be the beginning of a whole new ballgame around here in terms of organization.

Right after I finish refolding the towels.


  1. Joni

    If you have a vacancy at the in put the inn laws there. Outs clean and both in good neighborhoods lol. The PA could deliver dinner right next door lol. No rest for a stay at home mom!! Oh wait that’s a full time job in itself and its you waited till 6 to start laundry that’s to late and the morning its half over by then roflmao. Gotta love you

    • LyssaGraham

      I started the dryer at 6, started the washer right before bed. But did dishes at 5:30 or so. I need a Mom for me. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Joni!! Tell your friends to subscribe for more!

  2. Curtiss Brown

    “CLEARLY, THERE’S A PROBLEM IN LYSSA LAND.” Sets a third person tone right off and the first person information that follows seems out of kilter. Of course, your regular readers will know that you write in the first person and be less distracted.

    • LyssaGraham

      Good point. Also a point to get more regular readers with higher baselines for distraction.:) Miss seeing you.